Case Study Analysis: Ge’s Talent Machine Essay

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Case Study Analysis: GE’s Talent Machine Brandie Buffins Grand Canyon University HRM – 635 Acquiring, Developing, and Leveraging Human Capital September 19, 2012 Case Study Analysis: GE’s Talent Machine General Electric (GE) has been well known and valued for embracing quantifying talent as well as rising talent when it comes to leadership. This organization makes sure that this is a key factor when it comes to their business planning. GE requires learning sessions all year long, which entails outside organizations along with GE leaders to allocate amongst one another the best ideas out there for staff enhancement opportunities. Staff receives support in attending such training programs, spending at least 1billion dollars a year.…show more content…
Overall, GE is what Fortune called “a CEO factory”, always focusing on its employees’ professional growth, regardless of the ranking and statute held at the company. What matter’s to GE is that every staff member knows it’s role and that as an individual, be able to represent the company and achieve individual objectives that incorporate into a broader picture which is the overall success of GE. GE’s policies and practices are transferable because a lot of companies are currently using their model and best practices. In the course of all of these human resource implements and procedures, Welch’s most important endeavor was progressively more alert on constructing and building an atmosphere in which people could be their finest. GE has developed into an organization where being creative is welcomed and people know, feel, and sense that what they do does matter. GE has made it perfectly clear that they are customer focused and have a passion for excellences, as well as very comfortable building diverse global teams with the competence to develop global brains right along with global sensitivity. GE has been known to encourage and take pleasure in change and as we all have seen over these numerous years, are not worried or

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