Case Study Analysis: Great Northern American

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Great Northern American Case Study Analysis Executive Summary Great North American's unique series of strategies and initiatives is successfully motivating employees to sell very high volumes of office, promotional, arts-and-crafts and computer supplies. These are products that are considered commodities and are often differentiated and sold on price and availability alone. What makes the accomplishments of Joe Salatino and the employees of Great North American so noteworthy is their ability to generate exceptionally high levels of sales and customer satisfaction in an industry known for employee churn that only cares about inventory turns. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate and discuss why Joe's employees need to understand the importance of how people form perceptions and attributions, in addition to hwo they create trust with customers they may never meet in person. Second, social learning theory and its constructs are already having a significant positive impact on the company's performance. By concentrating on best practices of social learning theory, Joe could gain even greater levels of performance within the company. The concept of self-efficacy is highly relevant to the recruiting and retention of sales people and the management of their expectations of themselves. The concept of self-efficacy as it relates to the recruitment and retention of sales teams is also discussed in this analysis. Self-efficacy is a critical success criterion for those
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