Case Study Analysis

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Katrina Saverin
Grand Canyon University: LDR 600
Case Study Analysis

In reading the first article Coach Knight: The Will to Win, I found the article found Coach Knight to be very offensive and mean to his players. Coach Knight did not display good leadership skills. According to the article, Coach Knight’s drive and passion for excellence was not always received as well as his record of wins and losses Snook, Per low, Delacey, 2005).
Knight new the basketball game, but he lacked in leadership skills, his approach to his player was harsh and unkind. When you are leading a team or the fore runner of an organization you must lead by example, respect your staff, communicate, and treat others’ the way you want to be
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The skills style approach fits Mr. Krzyzewski perfectly. He was given the necessary tools needed to become a great leader. Coach Krzyzewski merged his leadership skills with his performance and team building. He did not abuse his power. He told his team what he expected of them and the consequences would be if they broke the rules. In viewing the skill approach path, I found that Coach Krzyzewski displayed problem solving techniques with his players, social judgment and knowledge of the work process. Coach Krzyzewski, developed a relationship behavior with his players in which they felt comfortable with him Mr. Krzyzewski worked as a team with his players, he did not treat them as if they were put under him. He stayed focus on his role, which was to lead him players to victory. He did not want to be a manger; he wanted to be a leader. Krzyzweski also displayed task behaviors, he encouraged his team and to accomplish every goal they set out to do (Northouse, 2004). Mr. Krzyzewski also displayed the Consideration and Initiating Structure because he was considerate of other’s feelings. In viewing Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid, Krzyzewski is a Team Manager because he focuses on building participation and support for a shared purpose.
In viewing Bill Knight, I found Coach K to struggle in his leadership skills with his team. He did not establish a good rapport with his teacher and always put his

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