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Executive Summary
This is an analyst of a case study called ‘Crisis control’. Based on the case study, some issues have been identified as Non-HR issues and the others as HR issues. The global financial crisis, the increase demand for servicing and the serious problem of cash flow are the non- HR issues. On the other hand, HR issues are work imbalance, protect human capital, downsizing, restructure the organization. After identified the issues from the case study, the most important HR issue has been chosen which is protect human capital. Then two strategies will need to propose to solve the issue. Performance culture model and alignment strategy are the two
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3.0 Strategies and evaluation 4.4. Strategies
There are two strategies provided to solve the most important human resource issue which is identified in the previous step. Firstly, one of the commonly used HR model is performance culture model which is appropriate for the issue adjusted before. HR undertakes the responsibility for shifting the entire corporate culture with result in every single way of it enhances performance and results; the net result is that excellent people practices become a sustainable competitive advantage (Sullivan, 2010). The second strategy addressed to the issue will be Aligning strategy. Effective communication of strategy within an organization is one of the key elements of strategic alignment. Strategic alignment has tools such as real-time strategic performance dashboards for operations, engineering and management which can help bottom-line business improvement performance (Barr & Cook, 2008). 4.5. Evaluation 4.6.1. Feasibility
If HR can influence the entire organization successfully by applying the performance culture model then the impact will be high for the issue. This strategy takes the ‘captain of the ship’ approach to employee performance. It is appropriate for firms that operate in a highly competitive environment and that wish to be number one in their industry in employee

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