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| Immediate Problem: The problem that Bert is faced with is that he is having difficulty adapting to the structure of the company and dealing with the problems that arise. Root problem 1: Managing diversity in the workplace Analysis topic 1: Cultural Differences Cultural Differences South Korea | Canada | * Presidential republic * Confucian System * Workplace inequality (Employers are given much more power over workers) * Cannot question authority * Doesn’t strictly obey contract * Honor relationships more than contract * Difficult to get rid of contract | * Democratic Representation * Equality in workplace * Zero tolerance for discrimination * Respect our rights and freedoms * Strictly obey…show more content…
* Decision criteria 2: Bert’s best decision would be in deciding what he really wants to achieve out of his job (for ex. a leadership position so that he can have a voice and make decisions within the organization). In doing so, Bert could gain influential status within the company, thus resulting in an increase of his power. Root problem 3: Communication Analysis topic 3: The Negotiation Process Bert did not effectively communicate with his boss and he simply skipped through the mandatory stages in the negotiation process. This is evident when Bert was discussing his pay with his boss. He missed vital steps in the negotiation process. The negotiation process contains several subsidiary processes which include; developing a strategy, defining ground rules, clarification and justification, bargaining and problem solving, and closure and implementation. However, Bert simply jumped from the developing a strategy process, which included; Bert’s realization of who he needs to contact (his boss), where to find out information regarding the differences in pay cheques, and his formulation of a plan to contact his boss regarding various issues. He then merged his ideas from the developing a strategy process directly into the closure and implementation process. Bert’s closure and

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