Case Study Analysis Paper 2: a Tale of Two Coaches

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A tale of two coaches Coach Krzyzewski (Coach K) and Coach Knight were successful leaders for each of their respective teams. Katz model of the three-skill approach and Mumford and colleague’s skill-based model of leadership identify skills and competencies that demonstrate a leader’s leadership abilities. Blake and Mouton’s leadership grid categorizes leadership styles of leaders based on behaviors. This paper will identify the skills utilized by the two coaches and compare and contrast their leadership styles. The three-skill approach consists of technical, conceptual, and human skills. Coach K and Coach Knight exhibited strong technical skills. The technical skill is based upon the knowledge and proficiency in a specific area…show more content…
Coach Knight’s human skill was deficient. His team worked together like a well oiled machine during games; however it was out of fear and respect that the team followed. Often Coach Knight’s team, assistants, and media were uncomfortable around him. Although Coach Knight was dedicated to his players who listened, fundraising for an injured player and strong relationships and recommendations for ex players and assistants (Mike Krzyzewski, Duke) in future jobs (Snook, Perlow, & Delacy, 2005). The Skills model of Leadership evaluated leaders based on attributes, competencies, and outcomes (Northouse, 2013).The two coaches had a strong knowledge of the game and their game strategies demonstrated an advanced problem-solving skill. Coach K had strong social judgment skills demonstrated by how he treats his team, coaches, and media compared to Coach Knights weak social judgment skills through his brash, insulting manner. Both of the two coaches were able to motivate their team either out of trust (Coach K) or fear (Coach Knight). The leadership style similarities exhibited by both coaches is Middle-of-the-Road management. This style finds a balance between the individual and the requirements of the task (Northouse, 2013). The strategy and direction by the coach for the team is based upon the strengths and weakness of the players. The two coaches had differences in coaching styles as well. Coach K has a team-management style while Coach

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