Case Study Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis Paper

In the case of ABC Inc. and their new campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, it’s very clear that ABC Inc. needs to improve their current hiring process and training orientation procedures. He was not given the proper tools to help guarantee a smooth and successful first recruitment effort. The follow up by his supervisor, Monica Carrols, was inadequate or did not take place at all. If Ms. Carrols had been checking on Carl’s progress on a consistent basis then the hiring debacle could have been avoided in the first place. The person tasked with maintaining the training room schedule is also very ill equipped to do their job. When Carl learns that the training room is double-booked for the month of June, it is
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Each person’s task should have been a different color so that anyone viewing the calendar may be able to easily see where everyone was in their progress. When a task was not completed, it would have shown on the calendar and steps could have been taken to rectify each situation. If, after proper training, a recruiter failed to consistently complete his or her daily tasks, then immediate termination of employment should have taken place. Utilizing a shared calendar can also lead to improved process flows, since timelines can be monitored and altered accordingly.

The Follow Up
When a supervisor assigns not just one, but many tasks to a subordinate; is it normally expected that the supervisor will follow up on the subordinates progress. In the recruitment department at ABC Inc., this was not the case. The Operations Supervisor, Ms. Carrols, also needed a daily task list and a shared calendar to stay focused. She gave numerous very important tasks to Carl, such as completing the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, sending new hires to the clinic for their mandatory drug tests, and others. Yet, not once did she follow up or monitor the progress of her subordinate to ensure success. If she had, the revelation regarding the sorry state of the hiring process would not have been such a shocker to Carl. Her failure to do her job well did not help Carl, in fact
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