Case Study Analysis : Sony Corporation

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This report discusses about the questions faced by Sony Corporation in Hong Kong during 2010-2011 prior to the launch of its flagship VAIO series laptops. VAIO, regarded as a “statement computer” for its unique features had an exclusive appeal among the brand and style conscious users. The product manager in Hong Kong, Richard Lopez had a hard choice to make to identify the market segment for the VAIO laptop computers in China. To make matters worst, he had four market research reports exclusively done for the market in China and global corporate report were at his disposal for the final decision. The question needs to be answered is what could be the target segment(s) for Sony VAIO laptop computers in China. Before he could answer the million-dollar question, he had to make a choice for the report or combination of reports needs to be considered for his final plan. A careful study of all the available details from all the four market research reports, the CLUES and the project Compass looks solid based on the approach followed for the segmentation. Based on these, Sony should target segments of “Family User” and “Entertainment Lover” from the CLUES report and the segment termed as “Techno-socializers” and “Status Focused” in the project Compass.

Riding on the success story of its consumer products Sony Corporation launched the VAIO series desktop computers in mid-1996 followed by the release of its VAIO laptop computers in the following year.…
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