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Marketing case study analysis – Suave (C)

Introduction of Suave brand • Suave belongs to Helene Curtis Industries, Old, reliable hairdressing product of Helene Curtis • Mother company has 4 marketing divisons, Suave $100 million brand in fiscal 1984 • Suave is famous for hair care product (leading shampoo brand in unit sales) • Suave is an absolute low-price brand with low margin and profit

The Shampoo Market • Shampoo market was highly fragmented • Most shampoo marketers targeted the 18-34 year old age group (heaviest users) • Sales had been relatively flat in recent years • Forecast growth predicted slow, steady rate of population despite of the fact that female frequency of use had peaked (2,83 times/week) • Based on share trends
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50% of women who used shampoo had never tried Suave and 28% of thad tried Suave were not current users • Older women with higher income felt that Suave was inexpensive and not good enough for their hair and old fashioned

Targeting & Segmentation • Heavy shampoo users • Household women between age 18-45 • Large families with young children ( family of 5+) • Middle level income earning who have a preference for low price • On the basis of price compared with its competitors • Men between age 18-45 also have been segmented with different variety of products

Helen Curtis marketing strategy • Helene Curtis intended to kepp Suave as a low-priced brand • They want to heavily promote Suave brand despite of cost pressure • Change marketing mix to stimulate growth

„What should the company do to increase sales, brand awereness and revenue? Update Suave brand image to attract new target group to maintain market share Recommendations: Communication: 1. Communcation strategy should focus increasing trial among new target segment.

Advertising should demonstare Suave updated brand image (facelift) be careful not to lose existing customers (keep core brand value) Use wide range of media mix
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