Case Study Analysis for Hector Gaming Company Essay

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Case Study for Hector Gaming Company
Paula Gray Lemons
California Southern University
Course: Project Management/MGT 86529
Mentor: Dr. John Belt
Date: May 27, 2013

Action Plan for Hector Gaming Company
Summary of the Facts: Hector Gaming Company is an educational gaming company that specializes in educational games for young people. The company has experienced a significant growth rate the last two years of operations. In addition, their targeted market has been scooping up their product right out of production. Coupled with their success rate in their market niche, they were able to raise a large amount of capital through a stock transaction with an investment bank. Because of their growth and cash position, the top
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The Plan of Action that I would provide to Peters and her team is as follows: I. Create the Project Management Structure. Below is the Projectized Organization Structure that I would present to Peters for HGC. It would be based on separating the project management between the new product development and existing projects within their own units reporting directly to Peters. This will allow her to manage the development of new products and prevent everyone from creating their own. As well, the project management will be based on having a balanced matrix approach where the project manager has responsibility over defining what needs to be done; however, the functional manager controls how it is done. II. Define the Organizational Culture a. The next step of the plan is to help HGC define its culture by the following aspects: i. Sense of identity- HGC’s market niche is young children. Therefore, the entire company needs to focus on products that will provide success in this arena. Any other focus would take away from the organization’s success ii. Legitimize the management system- While HGC is committed to being an innovative company with knowledge sharing, the members must understand that the development of projects and the maintaining of existing projects are handled by those positions specifically. iii. Clarify and reinforce standards of behavior- the behavior of HGC needs to be reinforced as one that operate
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