Case Study, Analysis of Communication Behaviors

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Part 1: Case Study, Analysis of Communication Behaviors Based on the Bevel Up video, there are two scenarios featured on the Bevel Up clip. For the first nurse-client pair with the younger guy, let us label them as Nurse-Client A and for the second nurse-client pair with the older guy in a wheelchair, they will be Nurse-Client B. The nursing care situation for both scenarios is taking place in the streets, which means that it is outside of the typical setting inside the clinic or the hospital. To further dissect the interaction that occurred, we will take a closer look at both Nurse-Client pairs. For Nurse-Client A, they were in an area that looked like an alleyway where they had a bit of a privacy. The client was seated the entire time of…show more content…
With his hand covering his neck, a protective stance, and not immediately finishing his sentence, the nurse was quick to add that the information he is providing will remain with the medical board and will only be used when needed, for example if test results come back positive. Client then shows his fingers crossed, lips stretched down, eyebrows raised showing that he does not know what the outcome would be but that he is comfortable with what the nurse needs to do when he showed a smile afterwards. For Nurse-Client B, the nurse is at a lower level compared to the client, who is on his wheelchair. At the start of the interaction that is showing on the video, the client smiles and preps his sleeves up for the nurse to draw the blood sample. Considering the client's health condition and advanced age, the facial expressions are not that clear to discern. Plus the fact that he is on the wheelchair, the body language is somewhat limited. The nurse, on the other hand, is younger compared to the client though, she does not speak or move in any way that would show a great difference of age and physical capability between her and the patient. At the start of the nurse and client interaction, there were pleasantries exchanged and the start of the interaction went fine. There were certain sexually-suggestive words used by an unseen person in the background which was completely ignored
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