Case Study Analysis of Panda Bear Toys, Caribou Toys and Grizzly Bear Toys

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Starting from going through respective business background then to the challenges faced, and finally recommended HR practices to improve corporate effectiveness, competiveness and sustainability, this analysis has addressed aforementioned of following 3 toy companies: Panda Bear Toys, Caribou Toys and Grizzly Bear Toys. With limited background information provided, several studies have been treated as reference in this analysis, especially the studies of Gubman (1995) and Sheppeck & Militello (2000),describing the relationship between corporate value disciplines and corporate strategies. Value discipline is a framework to describe organizations’ marketplace strategies, and company with different value discipline has its own
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Job Design. A job description for each role’s responsibilities should be stated clearly. In addition, a team process and flexible job design is crucial for continuous improvement. Caribou Toys – Company Background and Challenges Faced
It is a small and growing workshop company, produces unique, high quality and differentiated toys in small quantities. It also offers customer-based consultancy and design service to meet specific and personalized requirements. Its business strategies are differentiation focus and customer intimacy. Therefore superior quality, unique featured and customized products together with quality service are their core focuses. Its business is very subjective to the seasonal effect, so the challenge to it is to minimize the negative impact in slack season and to maximize its profits during peak season, such as Christmas. Besides, it needs to maintain product innovation and service quality, good customer relationship and retain high-value customers, as they are the critical success factors to the company. Recommended HR Practices to Caribou Toys
The objective of following HR practices aims to develop and retain a highly committed workforce focusing on innovation, creativity, customer and quality to enhance and facilitate the growth and development of the company in the long run.
Recruitment and Staffing. As Caribou emphasizes on innovation, customer relationship, and it requires staff to have sound craft

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