Case Study And Reaching The End

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Case Study 1
While reading this case study and reaching the end, my first thoughts were integrity, corruption, greed, standing up for your beliefs, corporation power, and reforming policy. Putting myself in this situation made me, explore my personal values and ask myself what I would do. I identified several facts that I will discuss with you throughout this case study:
1. Coleen Colombo was approached by a male wholesaler and attempted to bribe her.
2. Colombo emailed the regional vice president of operations to report the wholesalers conduct.
3. Colombo resigned from BNC and shortly after filing a lawsuit.
4. Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy on Sept 15, 2008 in which the lawsuit was put on hold.
5. Wall Street reined in mortgage factories, tightening lending standards, and forces lenders to buy back risky loans.

First, let me start by giving you some background of the case study, and then I will address each fact and how I would have prevented the dishonest conduct. In 2003, Coleen Colombo was hired at BNC Mortgage, Concord, Ca branch responsible for processing loans. For the first two years, Colombo’s performance as the senior underwriter was documented as “Exceeds Expectations” indicating that Colombo was an outstanding employee with no prior integrity issues. In the year 2005, she was placed into a situation that tested her integrity and company ethics policy. When a wholesaler routed multiple loan documents for her approval, her careful examination
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