Case Study: Angel Pottery

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Overview: Company
Angel Pottery LLC (herein after referred to as Angel Pottery) is an organization that produces happiness and manufactures ceramics. It is physically located in western Massachusetts and consists of one potter’s wheel, a kiln, 25 lbs. bags of clay, pottery tools and accessories and is owned by its principle, David DeAngelis. The major channels of communication between the principle and Angel Pottery’s customers are two websites: and serves as a showcase for products and functions as a pricing mechanism defining what the market will bear. has been a channel of marketing for more than 11 years with a creation date of August 8,
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The purpose of this virtual receptionist is to identify clientele and converse with customers via telephone and/or Skype to allow for collaboration of products to be produced. This unique system will allow Angel Pottery to differentiate its products and services from other firms within the industry of ceramics. Also, this system adds a personal touch that leaves other ceramics firms’ contact with the producer at a distance. Angel Pottery will sell more than a gift of pottery. It will sell a complete customer satisfaction experience of happiness from inception and collaboration to the final product to arrive anywhere around the world that the major delivery companies can deliver. Angel Pottery is “happiness…show more content…
Personalization can be engraved into the pottery during the drying phase at the right stage during the production process. “Process layouts, also known as a functional layouts, group similar activities together in departments or work centers according to the process or function they perform” (Russell & Taylor, 2014). In the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach a principle number one, according to Russell & Taylor, is that “quality can and must be managed” (2014). With a primary and vested interest by the owner of Angel Pottery to ensure business success, quality of the product will be attended to at every stage in the process of the mug
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