Case Study: Appendix D

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Gross Profits
When taking a look at capacity as a whole, Appendix D illustrates demand throughout the summer, winter, and shoulder seasons by contrasting weekdays to weekends. Shoulder season is understood to be the months that do fall between summer and winter months. Right off the bat, we are able to appreciate that on weekends the restaurant generates much more revenue than it does during the week, which supports management’s decision to keep a light staff during these times. Additionally, Appendix D shows that the most demand occurs in summer during the weekends. Based on the information, the best area for improvement is serving the customer on winter weekends because it seems it is the best season to establish improvements in serving
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It was an all-day breakfast restaurant with a business model to serve fresh, healthy and tasty food to a loyal customer base. However, there were some major problems and the owner, Melhuish decided to rectify the situation. The first was to increase customer loyalty and increase sales, and the best way to do so was by reducing the waiting period so the customers can get their food more quickly. In addition, all menu items were cooked fresh and healthy to differentiate themselves from competitors. Secondly, the owner wanted to find a life-time partner who will meet the company’s expectation. Therefore, the prospective franchisee must engaged in various steps in order to be consider to buy a franchise restaurant “because Sunset-at-Blue was one of only two Sunset Grill franchises operating in tourist destinations, Melhuish faced an array of challenges unknown to Toronto-area locations” (Haywood et al., 2011). In order to get this situation under controlled, effective inventory management needed to take place. This allows Sunset-at-Blue the opportunity to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. According to Haywood et al. (2011), “To accomplish this, he deviated (with approval from the franchisor) from the franchise model by adding personal touches. Melhuish changed the floor plan and the order process, as well as added more affordable meals and alcoholic beverages on the menu to create a more relaxed comfortable ambiance atmosphere for the entire family. However, the capacity constraint was still an issue and to accommodate Sunset Grill customers, Melhuish should maximize operating capacity to meet all current and future
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