Case Study Apple 2006

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Prepared by:
AYURO, Roselyn
CULPA, Cielo Mae
CANO, Russel Paul
EDER, Greniel Ann
PEREZ, Jessamae
DATE: February 20, 2012
TO: Apple Computer and Steve P. Jobs (2006): Pixar Animation and Walt
Disney Company
FROM: Accounting Students Consulting Team, UMAK Chapter
RE: Analysis of Apple Company’s future and its competitive advantage

 This report aims to evaluate Apple Computer • past and present performance in order to most importantly stipulates the future position of this largely successful company. Being that the company’s objective centers on increasing profits, increasing market share, and maintaining brand image.,
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Under Jobs, Apple again becomes the innovator of computer market. His leadership leads the company to US Band Firewire ports, introduction of iPod and iTunes website put Apple in the digital computing age.

Apple manages its business on geographic locations having offices in Americas, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. Apple’s sale is continuously growing. In the era of 2000, Apple opens 86 retail stores in USA and two international stores in Tokyo and Osaka which increases its sales. It introduces eMac line of cathode ray screen, but its most impressive and fastest growing market is of iPod line of digital music players and iTunes music store website. The three major competitors of Apple are Dell, Hewlett-Packard and IBM; however Apple also competes with Microsoft in software industry. Dell is the largest computer manufacturer with extremely low cost production strategy. Dell has entered the in the line of music against Apple by its Jukebox. Hewlett Packard is a big brand name and leading provider of technology. Apple combined with IBM enjoyed profit jointly but now Lenovo took over IBM and become a competitor of Apple. Apple’s new products like speech recognition program will help take industry into a new age of computers and is according to the company’s motto and it is hoped that it will double the profit margin in the near future. Overall, Apple is continuously growing and its
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