Case Study : Apple Inc. Essay

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Introduction In April 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple. It was established in a car garage, 40 years later the same company is generating annually $233 billion in revenue. Apple Inc. provides the world with electronic devices such as the IPhone, IMac and IPod. Apple has been in in the limelight in recent time about unethical treatment of workers within its workplace. Within Chinese factories, which are contracted by Apple in order to produce nearly all of its products, workers have been pushed to the point of taking their own lives whilst on the job. This has placed a burden over one of the globes largest and trusted companies. Apple has taken action in order to rectify this issue and ensure that its organisation is ensuring the treatment of fair worker and safe working condition. Enclosed within the assignment are remedies/actions that I believe, as a student inIssue in International Business would further address the issue that is faced within Apple Inc. 1) What is the issue and how did the issue impact the firm’s international business? Apple produced and sold 231.19 million IPhones in the fiscal year of 2015, but all these IPhones come at a cost. In Apples case the cost these phones came at was “14 workers killed themselves at Apple 's biggest supplier, Foxconn.” (Bilton, 2014) Apple could not ignore the issue anymore as the death of employees was tipping point of breaking Apples silence in solving the issue. Being recognised as one of
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