Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is a well-known company that designs, produces and markets media devices, personal computers, and mobile communication. Also, the company sells related software, network solutions, peripherals, applications and digital contents (Johnson et al., 2012). The company is best known for its devices including iPad, iPod, iPhone and Macintosh computers. The most famous of the devices is the Macintosh computers released in 1984 as it utilized a Graphic User Interface. This protocol allows users to use a mouse to activate pictures on the computer and has been exploited throughout the industry in all modern computers. The first smartphone in the world was the iPhone that acted as a mini-computer that has similar features of a computer. All the features including downloading music, applications, videos, documents and editing documents are available.
Dell Computer Corporation is a known dealer in personal computers and has been named as the second supplier in the world. The inventory for Dell is composed of computer devices including projectors, mouse, keyboards and memory devices (Klinker, Terrell & Mahfouz, 2015). Also, Dell deals in computers such as laptops and desktops. The products are targeted towards companies as well as government officials. The products are rather common in the world due to the proven performance and high speeds. The related devices are common due to their convenience and durability. The desktops have features that are customer friendly and also…

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