Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Main Body Statement of Problems and Purpose of Analysis Apple Inc. in 2012: Can it sustain its growth and defend against new competitive threats? The purpose of analyzing Apple Inc. is to determine if as an international company operating in a competitive global market Apple can sustain its lead over its main competitors. Having looked at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats of Apple Inc. the analysis will focus on how the company will use its brand name and customer’s loyalty to gain and retain a competitive advantage. The information technology industry is very dynamic and extremely competitive. Being an innovator and trendsetter Apple relies on new product development through its research and development division to…show more content…
My recommendation would be to use an integrative approach which will incorporate growth strategy, sustainable competitiveness and differentiation strategies. Apple has to ensure continuous innovation and expansion of product line. This initiative will undoubtedly increases customer loyalty given that the company constantly aims to meets their needs with innovation, unique designs and frequent updates of existing products. In addition to the differentiated strategy Apple will provide a great franchising option in an effort to increase product distribution while maintaining low cost In addition to the differentiation strategy there is a need for Apple to implement a retention strategy. Given the level of production coupled with the rapid growth in the technology industry, Apple has to ensure that they implement a retention strategy. To remain competitive and ensure success the continued service and availability of key personnel is extremely critical. Future growth and success critically depends on the availability and service of key personnel, including the Chief Executive Officer, executive team and other highly skilled employees. Qualified and experienced individuals are in high demand in the technology industry as their talents is intense and well needed to carry out the required production of

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