Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc was incorporated in 1977 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. As a startup company Apple Inc went through several management changes and conflicts which caused the company to lose some of its competitive advantage against companies like Dell, Gateway and Microsoft. The company designs and manufactures various products in the computer and music industry. Apple being strictly a personal computer company decided to venture into marketing other products like the iPod, a digital music player, and iTunes a website that lets their customers download music for a price. Apple continues to work on providing innovative products for its customers. (Apple Inc. 2015) My analysis of the case study will discuss the company’s economic, demographic, political and legal segments as well as their social culture and technical segments. The analysis will also cover Michael Porters five forces analysis in marketing. I will include the strengths and weaknesses of product development. Finally I will provide my recommendations that management can consider for strengthening their position within the computer and digital music industries.

Current Situation Analysis Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created Apple Computer Company out of a garage in Palo Alto California with the focus on personal computing. (Peter & Donnelly, 2013) Their strategy was to create a small desktop computer that is use friendly. Both had a passion for creativity, Jobs had the talent to create an intangible product

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