Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Executive Summary
Apple Inc. as many know the Company as Apple has managed effectively to be a successful company in the technology industry despite the heated competition in this industry (Apple, 2012). The organization has managed to be successful by being innovative, applying differentiation in terms of products and running their business, offering high-quality products with up-to-date technology as well as good customer service. The organization operates and maintains high standards in its operational base especially in the third world countries where most of its manufacturing takes place. The company has to be at its level best in order to maintain the high standards set by the corporation.
Over the last several years, the electronic
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Apple markets a number of software and networking solutions. Apple is the definition of new and advanced technology. They deal with range products from music player; iPad, mobile devices; iPhone; computers; Mac, television and business and personal software. Their products are distinctive and mostly preferred by an enormous number of customers. Their market base extends globally. Apple products are unique and are identified with their brand name and a picture of an apple fruit. Apple offers support for their products that operate on their internally designed software. Their products are well equipped with modern technology and designed to meet clients’ expectations and needs (Yoffie and Rossana 2012).
In the modern world, technology dictates our day-to-day lives. A few decades ago, mobile phones were owned by specific few and mostly used for business. Today mobile phones are used for both personal and business activities (Rintamaoki et. al 2007, p.634). Phones are a sense of direction, communication and a friend to humanity. Apple products have a distinctive nature and a stratified class not owned by many.
IPhone, a product of Apple, is a phone preferred by many worldwide. The nature of the phone is designed to operate and meet people daily needs (Apple 2012). IPhone mobile device combines a number of functions. IPhone functions as a communication platform, a digital music player

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