Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Summary of Company and Product
Apple Inc. is a popular U.S. based multinational organization. It is a publicly traded concern and its primary headquarters is located in Cupertino, California.
The most popular hardware products of the company are its Mac line computers, iPhone smartphone and iPod music players. Consumers can conduct different types of internet based activities through such smart mobile gadgets. Apple had launched its first iPhone in 29th of June 2007 (Apple Inc. “Financial Information”). Over time, Apple has launched several other models of iPhone such as iPhone 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Apple Inc. “Financial Information”). iPhone is one of the most popular products of Apple in the global electronics market. The phones are unique
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However, across all its international marketplaces, Apple offers standardized iPhone models. The company authentically patents the technological features used in iPhone. These Smartphone’s manufactured by the company are run through Apple’s own customized software, iOperating System (Apple Inc. “Financial Information”). iPhone is well known all over the market for its bigger screens, strong battery life and unique design. No other market rivals of the company can exactly imitate the internal and external features of iPhone. Product differentiation strategy helps to augment the brand value of Apple Inc. in the global forum. Consumers prefer to purchase iPhone because of its rare features and non-comparable applications. Apple provides its consumers the iPhone with premium quality in the technology market while is done by other competitors. So, Apple should maintain this to differentiate its self among its competitors. But the premium price strategy should be changed.
Production Strategy
Apple Inc. procures most of its hardware electronic products from the Asian economies. These semi-finished products are acquired by the company through the process of outsourcing. Some raw materials are obtained by Apple from its OEM trading partners (Apple Inc. “Financial Information”). Through an automated receiving system, Apple Inc. effectively manages the stock of its inventory. The organization utilizes environment friendly
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