Case Study Application Paper : Avery, Co Occurring Disorders

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Case Study Application Paper: Avery, Co-occurring Disorders
Avery, a 26-year-old female Asian, has appeared for an assessment due to a narcotic possession drug charge. Upon reviewing the client’s assessment information, she has been diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder (severe), Tobacco Use Disorder (severe), and Major Depressive Disorder. Her disorders have been categorized as primary and secondary treatment issues. There are several treatment options available for this client; the treatment plan selected involves a combination of medications and behavioral therapies.
Client Summary
The case study presented a summary of Avery’s presenting issues, physical and medical history, mental health and substance abuse history, social history, education and employment history, and legal history. The client has come in for treatment due to a recent criminal charge of possession of narcotics. She reports daily usage of opioids. Avery specified that she has experienced withdrawal during an attempt to abstain from opioid use. She reported she continued to use because of withdrawal symptoms.
Physical and Medical History The client reported one instance of oxycodone overdose, which resulted in respiratory distress and hospitalization on April 10th, 2014. The client reported as a child she was hospitalized due to having a broken bone repaired surgically. A medical examination was completed; results show the client has low blood pressure. The client was prescribed Northea, 50mg two times…
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