Case Study : Applied Behavior Analysis

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ABA In Action
Shalina Black-Bennett
PS360: Applied Behavior Analysis
Instructor: Leah Koehlerbuckner
September 30, 2014 ABA In Action
Case 1: The Case of Emily Applied Behavior Analysis analysts are required to know the steps that are needed and necessary for behavior modification. This type of modification requires a clear definition of the behavior needing modification (target behavior), how this will benefit the individual in need of the modification, a clear plan of modification, and consistent data gathering to determine the effectiveness of the proposed behavior modification plan. In order to achieve a successful modification plan, the ABA professional first needs to gather information about the individual either by direct or indirect means. The modification must always been in the best interest of the individual, or those closest to the individual, and it must be a functional modification that can be carried out in the absence of the analyst. The ABA professional needs to understand the needs of each client. In order to do this, the professional will have to assess the behavior, gather data, identify a target behavior, propose a hypothesis about an intervention, implement the modification program, gather more data about the effectiveness of the program, and report about the outcome. Emily is a 6-year-old girl referred by her pediatric psychologist because of behavioral issues. Emily’s parents have informed the analyst that her problems first arose when she
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