Case Study Approach

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4.1 Case Study Approach
Case study research bring out the insight of the complex problems and enhance understanding, knowledge and experience that is already studied though previous research. Case study focus on the detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events or relationships between the events. Case study research have the around for years and researchers have used the technique across many disciplines for different problems. Across all the domains, the social scientist have made maximum use of the case study method and benefited maximum from the qualitative research method, to examine real life problems and provide basis for the ideas and extension of existing methods. Researches have defined case study as an empirical method
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Kin suggested when to use the case study method to provide the guidelines. According to Kin case study method should be used when, (a) the focus is to answer why and how, similarly when we look at our problem at hand, we have same question. The thesis aims to investigate, how IT influences the final outcome of the process; (b) the boundaries between the problem and the background is not clear i.e. the problem area of research is still in the understanding, discovery or description stage, in the same way, the impact of IT information technology on the revenue is a contemporary topic that is not deeply discussed in research yet. Following the literature review, the Business Processes IT and impact of IT business processes is highly contemporary phenomenon; (c) considering the contextual conditions relevant for the study, similarly BPIT decision making, BPIT integration and BPIT implementation are relevant in the context and we cannot study the outcome of the business process without considering these factors. In context of the online media industry, attitude of the managers and processes awareness by the employees are sought to be the factors influencing the BPIT decision making for example. The case study approach is selected because study is about the readiness of IT in the revenue processes, which cannot be considered without the context of the BPIT decision making by the manager and more specifically the BPIT implementations and BPIT integration. Impact of IT…show more content…
Some researches argued that case study method does not provide the complete picture and provides a weak reference (Luck, Jackson, & Usher, 2006) (Meyer, 2001) (Thomas, 2010) (Tight, 2010). To address the problem raised by some researches, the study uses multiple case studies with different scenarios in the media industry i.e. two different issues in the organization and how managers and team responded to the problem. Using multiple cases provides richer data, more insights and key knowledge points that sometimes are missed or overlooked in the first case (Bhattacherjee, 2012). Similarly, the generalizability can be improved by performing the two different case studies under the same neutral settings. It helps to come to conclusions and findings in a comprehensive way (Bhattacherjee, 2012). Three interviews per case are conducted involving an expert and manager involved in the Business Process IT Decision making, an expert involved in the Business Process IT implementation and one specialist involved in the other business processes that have direct impact on the final outcome of the business process, for example after the BPIT decision making and BPIT implementation, it is really important for the marketing team or the sales team to come up with the concurrent plans to support the other business processes. The dual interviews help
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