Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemas Essay

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Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas LaDonna Landry BSHS 335 January 12, 2015 Nicole Zmuda Case Study Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas The case study I chose is that of six-year-old Tavion Robinson who was taken to Methodist Hospital by his father for a broken arm and abrasions. There were a couple of things in this case that could insinuate that the broken arm and abrasions were not an accident. The father being hesitant to leave Tavion alone with hospital staff was the first red flag that something could be wrong. Secondly, Mr. Robinson’s request that he be notified prior to releasing Tavion’s records to anyone. Thirdly, informing the Emergency Department that Tavion’s parents are divorced and that the mother…show more content…
She suspects the father was physically abusing him and wanted to view documentation. I do believe that Tavion’s mother has the right to view his records especially if she suspects abuse. Along with the inconsistencies of the finding of the injuries and the suspicions of the mother I feel that this is enough reason to investigate the suspicion of child abuse. The concerns of the mother is valid and she also is aware of how the father handles his son on a day to day basis she isn’t suspicious for no reason at all. There is history amongst the adults before they divorced she knows how he was disciplined as a kid and he could be using the same discipline as that in which his parents used on him. The mother has several avenues that she can take on her suspicions she could talk to the social worker at the hospital, the Department of Family Protective Services or contact the police. The ethical issue we are dealing with is the mother wanting the hospital documents of her son’s visit and the father denying her access without him being consulted. Also the injuries not matching up to the father’s story. Confidentially will be the legal issue in this case regarding Tavion’s medical records. Of course the father’s request of being contact if there is a request to view the files makes him look suspicious and makes it appear he is hiding something. However, if the hospital staff suspects that there is

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