Case Study Assessment And Intervention Planning

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Case study assessment and intervention planning: Girlhood (15%)
This exercise is to be done individually. Answers need to be typed and written in full sentences. Marks reflect the number of minimum points that need to be made for each question.
What are the key experiences in Megan’s history/past (predisposing factors) that affect her way of relating to others? (assessment) (2 mark) The predisposing factors that affect Megan’s way of relating to others include: Family dynamics and parental relationships, atypical physiological responses and a genetic predisposition, exposure to drug involvement and a lack of self-protection skills.
Megan was incarcerated for brutally stabbing another girl with a box cutter and ended up in the Waxter Juvenile Facility. She has been in 11 foster houses by the age of 16. Her mother is a heroin addict and is herself often in and out of jail on prostitution charges; her father is a “drunk”—who had told Megan he wished she had never been born. Megan exhibits the maturity that comes with knowing that her mom spends most of her life in prison—and the wisdom that comes with raising her parent (s). She always professes she’d do anything for her, despite their offbeat, disruptive relationship. At one point, her mother tries to engage Megan’s grandmother in a discussion on cyclical violence and blame, demonstrating an intergenerational history of repeated exposure to negative events that runs in the family. Megan craves for the
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