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Case Study Assignment PS-365 Applied Behavioral Analysis II 04/09/2013 Case Study Assignment Anxiety is define as a “vague uneasy feeling of discomfort or dread accompanied by an automatic response; the source is often nonspecific or unknown to the individual; a feeling of apprehension caused by anticipation of danger, it is a potential signal that warning of impending danger and enables the individual to take measures to deal with treat” (Taber’s, 1997). Anxiety disorders are classified as disorders such as panic disorders, agoraphobias, phobias, extreme avoidance of feared objects associated to distress or impairments. B. F. Skinner (1974) talking about this conditions state “It is often said that there is an intrapsychic life…show more content…
The second step is by practicing small group therapy right in the work area pretty much like Miltenberger show in the book. Incrementing very slowly the amount of people in the group, starting from one person then two, three, four, etc, etc; all of this while practicing breathing techniques and relaxation. 5) Compare specific ABA-based treatment that can be applied to assist clients with fear and anxiety. In this specific case the shaping method come to mind, in behavior modification we can apply these techniques in order to effectively change the way the client behave or respond under environmental stimuli. Shaping refers to the reinforcement of behaviors that are close to the desire behavior. In shaping there is also a creation of a hierarchy which range from the least feared to the most feared situation like in the case of Marla where increasing the amount of people in the group so she can get used to and her anxiety become extinct (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007). Case Study 2: Jon is a 6-year-old boy, with normal intelligence, who has a hair-pulling habit, or self-stimulatory behavior. The hair pulling occurs most often during periods of inactivity, such as during TV watching, quiet time in school, or waiting in line with his parents. 1) Define the target behavior in this case study. The targeted behavior hair pulling or
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