Case Study Assignment #1, Communist Prison Camps Essay

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Case Study Assignment #1, Communist Prison Camps, Pages 84-85
What Specific techniques were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners?
Specific techniques that were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners included, physical privation, prolonged interrogation, total isolation from former relationships, detailed regimentation of all daily activities, humiliation, degradation and social alienation by “thought reform” group (s).

What opposite processes could be used to create the reverse process, that is, a strengthening of the self-concept?
Strengthening of the self-concept could be brought on by using processes such as the five core aspects of self-awareness: 1.
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This understanding must be un-ambiguous, so that the new employees can be certain of their roles and responsibilities.

What mechanisms do people use, and what mechanisms could the prisoners of war have used, to resist a change in their self-concepts?
Mechanisms used to resist change are changes in cognitive style. Cognitive styles are inclinations towards information and learning that we have developed over time. They can be changed and altered through practice and conscious development. As individuals, people develop over time the ability and strategy to suppress some information and pay attention to other information. They also tend to focus on their locus of control, that is the attitude people develop regarding the extent to which they are in control of their own destinies. The prisoners were not in control of their own destinies. To help resist they could focus on external locus of control, i.e. Something or someone else caused the change. This can enable them to keep their internal locus of control .

What could be done to reform or rebuild the self-awareness of these prisoners? What can be done to help individuals without self-awareness to improve that skill?
To rebuild or reform or restore self-awareness in the prisoners or to help individuals without
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