Essay on Case Study Assignment 1

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Case Study Assignment 1
“What advantages would the proposed Advanced Mobile Communications and Information System provide for Whitman Price Consulting? What problems might it assist in eliminating?”

Several advantages to an information system would respond directly to what Whitmann Price Consulting help their clients with. Such as creating a sustainable business, managing assets, operating globally, and most importantly responding to change. Management Information Systems (MIS) are used by organizations to track, store, manipulate and distribute information to the appropriate people when necessary. Using a management information system would enable a business to streamline their operations into a cohesive functioning unit. MIS support
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While Matt, Josh, and Sandra are IT professionals, it’s important that they listen to what the end user may like because these are the people who will be working with the systems to get end results. The people that Josh and Sandra will be interviewing will be people such as financial executives. Josh and Sandra will need to take the feedback from the people they interview and develop a system with those people in mind to make an effective information system for the company.

If you were Josh or Sandra, what questions would you ask the heads of the six business units?

I would ask things such as, “what sort of things are you wanting to see your department grow in?” and “where do you want to see your unit in 2 years, 5 years, etc.” While those questions may seem very general and job interview-ish I don’t want to overload them with technical terms that they don’t understand. Based on their answers I would target specific things to get them to elaborate and expand on what they want, with that non-technical answer and the skills I have as an IT professional I translate that into something I could work with when developing the information system.
If you were Josh or Sandra, what additional research might you request of your IT staff at this point?

I would request research on how to best implement the information system and roll it out. Their options to rolling out would

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