Case Study : Associate Degree Nursing

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Associate Degree Nursing (ADN’S) school for two years in community colleges, take prerequisites or general education classes and core or main nursing courses. They carry out clinical skills which are all hands on and laboratory procedures as well. As graduates ADN’S perform patient care and have the task at hand of critical thinking throughout the course of study. knowledge of ADN’S acquired is limited to general patient care on like specialized care which requires advanced skill set and knowledge, performed by the baccalaureate degree nurses. With the baccalaureate degree nurses (BSN) they do acquire four years advanced knowledge in patient care and critical thinking skills, they are more competent, efficient and have more expertise in making life-threatening and lifesaving decisions than associate degree nurses (ADN’S) with two years of nursing degree . The nursing field is becoming more challenging now our days than the ancient times, too many challenges and high expectations of care needed by our communities and family at large. Nurses are being required to take on much more care giving responsibilities as well as document management. Striking a balance between providing a good quality of patient care and maintaining a proper assessment and documentation with regards to State and Federal regulations are become overwhelming particularly for (ADN’S) who are limited in their scope of education to perform such tasks. ADN’S face some difficulties in performing
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