Case Study - Association for the Study of International Business (Asib)

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Memorandum To: Mario DiPonetti, ASIB From: Date: ------------------------------------------------- Re: Google Scholar Submitting Abstracts to Google Scholar Confidential Google Scholar requires some strict guidelines for inclusion. ASIB will need to ensure all documents are formatted correctly on their website to be considered for inclusion on Google Scholar. I have outlined some of the requirements below. For more detailed information on specific requirements, visit Google Scholars website at Guidelines 1. Visitors (or search robots) must be able to freely view abstracts without the need to sign in, install software, accept disclaimers, dismiss popup…show more content…
ASIB must place each abstract in a separate HTML or PDF file. In addition, a minimum of three meta tags (title of the article, full name of at least the first author, and the year of the publication) must be included on HTML documents. For PDF documents, abstracts must be laid out according to Google’s standards which can be found at After all requirements are met, ASIB can submit their website to Google Scholar at: ASIB must weigh the high cost of creating the content in-house per Google Scholar’s strict specifications against the ease of having EBSCO provide the technical expertise. ASIB will incur the costs of additional “experienced” staff and equipment, as well as overhead if they decide to do take on this large task in-house. However, I feel the potentially high revenues could be significant. Association for the Study of International Business (ASIB) Online Revenue Models Internet Commerce Chapter 3, Case 2 This report covers recommended online revenue models for ASIB’s journals, “Annals of International Business” and “International Business Today.” ASIB’s current net profit for both journals is $14,400 per year. My revenue model recommendations would amount to a profit of $185,200 per year. This analysis will provide ASIB’s board members

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