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Summary Hacienda Luisita in Central Luzon constituted the largest unified sugar hacienda in the Philippines with an area of 6,000 hectares. It was operated by Jose Cojuangco & Sons as part of their integrated sugar central, Central Azucarera de Tarlac (CAT). There were nine barrios in Hacienda Luisita, each barrio had its own overseer, and each had a barrio captain. Barrio Bantog was located on Hacienda Luisita. There were four hundred thirty five people lived in Barrio Bantog, and the settlers lived with simple entertainment and few luxuries, one of the the accepted diversion was gambling. Jose Zaldo was an overseer of Barrio Bantog and Luis Calero was the barrio captain. In 1964, Jose Zaldo was facing with an important decision,…show more content…
III. Statement of the Problem/s How to stop or cut the prevalent problem of gambling activities which was operated by the barrio captain and director of labor union in Barrio Bantog as it already affected morale and stands a steady threat to field discipline; and How will the management restore the workers to be effective and efficient in their work the economic condition of the workers as it created a climate wherein the workers' wages carried little real value. IV. Objectives 1. To solve the problem encompassing the workers attitude due to the gambling activities. 2. To restore and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers. 3. To re-establish the economic status of the workers as their income and cash advances will be allocated accordingly to their needs. V. Areas of Consideration The overseer represented the hacienda in the barrio and he was the link between the management and the field workers. Each barrio was assigned a certain number of hectares of cane that was to be planted, worked and harvested. The overseer assigned the work, decided upon the work rotations, determined the overtime assignments and performed the multitude of duties because of the provided service, jeep. The barrio captain served as an elected official and he was the barrio's

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