Case Study : Bay Path University

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I firmly believe that education is at the base of success. I wanted to pursue a master 's degree in the nonprofit field because I wanted to fully grasp and understand the sector so that I could contribute to its success. As I began to research advanced degrees that revolved around the nonprofit sector I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Bay Path University had a nonprofit management and philanthropy program. I ultimately chose to apply to Bay Path University because of its reputation. It was not so much a degree that I wanted, although it would look good on my resume. I instead want the knowledge and skills (that would lead to a degree) to help me in my future nonprofit career. Bay Path University has been a community staple for over 100 years. Bay Path is known for working with students to meet their needs in a supportive environment that rewards curiosity and innovation. Over the years it has linked classroom learnings to real life experiences to prepare students to become leaders in their chosen field. I wanted to be part of an establishment that I knew would offer me a quality education, one that would challenge me and help me to grow. The courses that were offered within the program were in areas that greatly interested me and would provide a solid foundation for my future in the field. And so it was decided, Bay Path was the school that I would attend. During my time at Bay Path I realized that I had found my calling. I am oddly stubborn and insisted that I
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