Case Study : Bed Bath And Beyond Investor Relations

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In a fast pace growing economy, many companies look into the possibility of expanding their reach into other markets. With the growing trend of Globalization, companies today spend countless hours analyzing the various markets in which a possible expansion would prove beneficial for the overall growth of the business. A company that would greatly benefit from expanding its reach to other markets is that of Bed Bath and Beyond, Inc. (BBBY). Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein founded BBBY in 1971. Primarily a domestic merchandise retail store that caterers to consumers with goods ranging from bedroom and bathroom, and also kitchen and dining room needs. Currently BBBY has stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and the United States for a total of 1,504 locations (Bed Bath & Beyond Investor Relations - Investor Overview, 2012). Expanding into those markets was relatively simple as their primary focus was to acquire market share in the Western Hemisphere due to logistics with warehousing, shipping, tariffs, etc. While implementing their strategies, acquisitions was something that was highly considered to also gain market share and brand recognition across these states. Starting in 2002, BBBY underwent various acquisitions from competitors such as Harmon Stores, Christmas Tree Shops, Buy Buy Baby, Cost Plus, Inc. and Linen Holdings (Lillo, 2002). These various acquisitions helped the retail giant gain recognizeable grounds in the fast growing market of home goods.

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