Case Study : Beverly Medical Center

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Beverly Medical Center is a small operated physician’s office in Raleigh, NC. It is a physician office that combines the practices both traditional and holistic medicine. With new and current health care trends favoring the practices of holistic medicine and therapy, Beverly Medical Center popularity has risen as well as the number of patient. Currently, Beverly Medical Center uses the traditional check-in process where staff member check-in patients and where patients are ask to fill out there forms using pen and paper on arrival. Beverly Medical Center also uses a paper filing system as it main source of data storage of patient information and records. The problem that arises for Beverly Medical Center is that due to its popularity and the growth of the number of patients wanting to visit the office, the medical center is looking for alternative to deal with their check-in times and looking for solutions to deal with the volume of data that comes with the increase of patient load. In Beverly Medical Center’s case a solution to its current problem is to create an automated form process system that will allow patients to send their patient information electronically, where receptionist and staff member their can easily manage the influx of information sent to the office daily. This electronic form solution can help alleviate the wait times at Beverly Medical center by that patients can fill their application before arrival for their appointment on that day, the
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