Case Study : Bin M Self Reflection Paper

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Katarzyna Harasim Gorczynski
Instructor: Bin Ma

Throughout semester I completed various self- assessment exercises that were developed by behavioral researchers to test my skills, abilities and interests. The exercises include; Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Individual Ethics Rate, Entrepreneurial Intentions Scale, Organization Structure Preference Survey, International / Global Manager Potential Scale, Leadership Style Assessment, Dominant Needs Assessment, Communication Style Assessment. Completing them, I was able to gain knowledge and understand my behavior with strengths and weaknesses as a manager and employee.
One of the strengths I discovered thru self- assessment exercises was high emotional intelligence. It is important part of my character because it provides ability to accurately identify my own emotions, as well as those of others. Such a characteristic allows me to utilize emotions and apply them to tasks, like on the spot thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, it gives me opportunity to manage my feelings, including directing my own thoughts, as well as the talent to cheer up or calm down individuals. As an Employee with a high level of emotional intelligence I have a level self-awareness that helps me to understand co-workers and meet deadlines. I’m not bothered by client criticism and I remain focused on a task at hand to continue working on accomplishing my task, rather than becoming upset and discouraged.
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