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Case Study: I’m Looking Over a White-Striped Clover; A Case of Natural Selection Jelena Vukadin Part 1: Minnesota Habitat: The Minnesota habitat has cold winters and fairly warm summers. They do not receive much rain which therefore results in not having many herbivores in the population (not very many plants for them to eat). North Carolina Habitat: The North Carolina habitat has mild winters and very hot summers. They receive much more rain yearly which is why they have many more herbivores in the habitat compared to the Minnesota habitat which has barely any herbivores. Part 2: a. The two gene products are stored in different parts of the cell so it is not as easy to activate the cyanide. Since the cyanide requires two gene products…show more content…
This is an adaption because there are not many herbivores to eat the plants anyways and it requires less energy to make plain clovers than white-striped clovers. An adaption in North Carolina is the white-striped clover. This is an adaption because herbivores are not eating the clovers at much and it increases the rate of survival for the clovers. d. The evidence that we would need is to know if the leaf type is a heritable trait, and if it is found that it is than it can be contributed to the genetics of the clover. e. In Minnesota the factor that could be exerting the strongest selection pressure could be the temperature. For North Carolina the factor that could be exerting the strongest selection pressure could be the high amount of herbivores. Part 5: a. This statement is false because although an organism may be the fittest that just means that it is good at passing its genes (making lots of offspring). It does not mean that the organism is the strongest. b. This statement is true. This is because for there to be natural selection there has to be different phenotypes. c. This statement is true because a certain trait can adapt different depending on the circumstances of the environment (bad environment can be harmful, good environment is good for the trait). For example a palm tree will adapt much better in Florida due to the hot climate then in Alaska where the climate is very cold. d. This statement is false because natural

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