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Case Study 7-2 Ran Niu 1. What benefits has BIOCO realized from its use of balanced scorecards? A balanced scorecard has four perspectives, Customer perspective, internal business perspective, Innovation and learning perspective, and financial perspectives. By using balanced scorecards, BIOCO knows what the customers needed is. It helps BIOCO to fulfill customers’ need better. For internal business perspective part, BIOCO can clear the corporate vision and strategy. BIOCO can adjust the strategy according to the pervious balanced scorecards. Also the balanced scorecards link everyone in the company and enhance the communications between each other. Meanwhile, Scorecards detailed the company’s business goals to everyone and guide every…show more content…
Also it help IT realized the financial things for their projects. Balanced scorecard can also solve the communication problem. This problem is important for IT department since how to balance the company demand and IT supply is the hard thing for both company and IT. Good communication can help company to find the solutions. The BIOCO way helps senior IT managers understand their organization’s performance and measure it in a way that support company strategy. Because IT scorecard is linked to the corporate scorecard and ensures that the measures used by IT are supporting the corporate goals, the BIOCO way helps promote alignment and eliminate projects with potential issues and impacts. 3. Do you think that the BIOCO approach could be implemented successfully in large companies? Why or why not? If so, what, if any, adjustments need to be made? I don’t think BIOCO approach could be implemented successfully in large companies. BIOCO is a growing medium-sized company. So the cascade of balanced scorecards for every division/department could work perfectly. Since the company is on the way to grow, their business strategy is simply and easy to translate to their department and employee. Also it is easy to measure the performance according to the four perspectives of balanced scorecards. But for the large companies, the complex organizational structure and large amount employee, locations will cost company big amount
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