Case Study: Biogen Idec

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Case Study:
Biogen Idec

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Prof. Mark Braganza

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Balansay, Josil
Biala, Harley
De Vera, Ariza
Ferrer, Danniel
Fernandez, Norlito
Liekmeier, Chris Allyn
Ortilano, Lerma
Rosal, Emil
Romano, Rowell Joseph

4:30-6:00 (Monday/Wednesday)


A) What elements of the different motivation theories (Herzberg, Maslow, etc) might be relevant in this change process?
The following elements of the different motivation theories (Herzberg, Maslow, etc) might be relevant in this change process:
• During the change process at Biogen Idec, the management teams of their affiliate companies were given more control related to their local organization. Considering these information, the Expectancy theory (a theory wherein people are given the right to choose a course of action according to what they anticipate will give them the greatest rewards) can be one of the theories which is used in the organization. The following elements are relevant to the change process are: o Valence o Expectancy o Instrumentality
These elements of the expectancy theory encourage or motivate people to better their performances and efforts to their work due to the rewards they expect to receive in
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They’re the reason were in business and we strive to make a meaningful differences in their lives. Through the therapies, by offering financial assistance and advocacy services and by walking along side them to raise awareness and funds. We also seek to improve the lives of people in the communities in which have operate and more the biogen idec employees who make it all possible biogen idec's also has more to chance of success if it has to change a unequivocal support from the team to cooperated with the internal decision to make into decision-making process with open minds that they would reach a decision and take the necessary actions to bring out of any changes in

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