Case Study Blockbuster

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Introduction With the introduction of new technologies and the development of electronics products, people are now having more opportunities to view movies. However, home viewing is still the most popular way of watching movies. Accordingly, Movie rental has become an industry. This essay will give a detailed analysis of the global leader in the movie rental industry, Blockbuster. Evaluating Blockbuster’s External Environment External environment is very important for managers to make decision about the company’s direction and strategy. In order to gain a deep understanding of Blockbuster’s industry and competitive environment, the following seven questions need to be answered. Q1: What are the industry’s dominant economic features?…show more content…
Vertical integration Q2: What kinds of competitive forces are industry members facing? The most powerful and widely used tool for identifying competitive forces and assessing the strength and importance of each is the five-forces model of competition which is typically described as follows: (Thompson, Strickland and Gamble 2008) In order to determine the nature and strength of competitive pressures, the best way is to follow the three steps: Step 1: Identify the specific competitive pressures associated with each of the five forces Step 2: Evaluate the strength of each competitive force Step 3: Determine whether the collective strength of the five competitive forces is conducive to earning attractive profits. (Thompson, Strickland and Gamble 2008:54) Competitive rivalry Blockbuster reached a peak of 9,094 company-operated and franchised movie rental stores worldwide. However, when Blockbuster launched an online subscription service in 2004, it met the strong competitor, Netflix, which already had more than 2 million subscribers. Netflix offered a wider choice of subscription plans from $8.99 to $47.99. And it also developed proprietary software to provide subscribers with detailed information about each title in the Netflix library. Netflix offered a high quality service by giving one-business-day delivery capability for most of the subscribers. These kinds of service and performance cause the rivalry to be
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