Case Study : Blue Devil Consultancy International Essay

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Dec 02, 2016 Christopher Mularoni Product Manager Blue Devil Consultancy International, L.L.C. 21000 W 10 Mile RD, Southfield, MI 48075 Dear Mr. Mularoni: I am a student of Lawrence Technological University. As one of the Iphone7/7plus user, I care about other customer user experience. I am writing a proposal to recommend that some customers who don 't like the change for headphone jack should use daptr iPhone 7/7 plus cases for their new iphone. The loss of a headphone jack has been criticized for being a major reason Apple might have trouble selling its handset. Attached is a proposal includes background information, a discussion of the problem, my solution, Identification of the customer, customer interviews, and plan for product selling. Also includes potential commercial opportunity, opportunity for intellectual property, and our next steps. If you have any questions, please contact me at 248.979.6055. Thank you, Jiang Wu Chief engineer Daptr products REPORT daptr Brings the Headphone Jack to the iPhone 7/7 plus Prepared for: Christopher Mularoni, Product Manager By: Jiang Wu, Chief engineer Daptr products December 1, 2016 Contents List of Visuals iii Abstract iv Executive Summary v Background v Benefits v Cost v Recommendations v Introduction 1 Background 1 Goals 1 Advantages 1 Technical Discussion 2 Method 2 Equipment 2 Schedule 3 Cost 4 Results 6 Evaluation 9 Conclusion

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