Case Study Blue Ocean Strategy

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5. Blue Ocean Strategy In the Blue Ocean, main would be to create an uncontested market space for Relaxo and make the competition, as observed in Red Ocean, irrelevant. The effectiveness of strategy would be solely an outcome of Value Innovation and at the same time how the risk has been analyzed. After SWOT analysis and Red Ocean strategy analysis we found that although the company is making profit but still this industry is about to reach its saturation and market share growth is about to stagnant. Most of the market offerings are based on either the differentiation or the Low cost. Relaxo needs to take some bold move to breakout of the boundaries of Red Ocean by achieving both the differentiation and the low cost offerings for the noncustomers. To find the value innovation for Relaxo, we tried to go beyond the existing demand by identifying the three tiers of non-costumers. 5.1. Three Tiers of Noncustomers • First Tier Non-Customers-…show more content…
The quality of the execution of strategy is depended on their attitudes and behavior. People should be involved throughout the building and execution of strategy they should feel that they are a part of it, it should not be something that is forced upon them. Fair process can be implemented for successful implementation. Relaxo strives to ensure high motivation levels through stimulating work environment, high growth and outstanding development opportunities with a transparent and productive work environment. The culture should be such that there is a sense of trust and commitment that people voluntarily cooperate in implementing and executing the strategy. The HR function in Relaxo has undertaken important steps in the area of Recruitment, Rewards Management, Leadership Development for transforming the company. (Relaxo Footwear Limited Annual report , 2014 -

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