Case Study: Boeing Essay examples

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Ana Lopez
MGT 420
Professor Cathy Ko
Assignment #2: Case Study: Boeing

1- Select one or more diagnostic models that you believe provide a framework that succinctly identifies the key factors at the center of the Boeing situations. Explain your choice of model.

Boeing has had an array of problems since the 1900’s; from the scandal with the Pentagon in 2003, to the manufacturing crisis when Boeing was required to halt production of the 747 aircraft for 20 days. Let’s not forget the financial dilemma the organization had when investors accused of them of trickery in regard to a merger with McDonnell Douglas and a payout of $92.5 million was made to shareholders.
Technology seemed to be a big issue when in 2001 they decided to
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These components are as follow:
1. Strategy: “the cornerstone”, if the strategy is not clear…there are no criteria on which to base other design decisions.
2. Structure: the formal authority relationships and grouping of activities as represented on an organization chart.
3. Processes and Lateral capability: refer to the process, either formal or informal, that coordinate activities throughout the organization.
4. Reward Systems: seek to align individual actions to organizational objectives.
5. People practices: are the combined human resources practices of the organization.

2- Explain the Boeing situation in terms of your selected model.

The Star Model has all the components that Boeing would need to inherit in order to get out of their predicament and a stable organization. Starting with “strategy” since most of their strategies were not successful. Because of the manufacturing crisis that halted production for 20 days; Boeing was criticized and it was said that the company had “stubbed its toe”. They had a “win at any costs” approach that failed miserably. They attempted to revitalize Boeing’s operations by streamlining aircraft assembly and increasing the efficiency of the company. It is apparent that this organization is unstable when it comes constructing a strategy since it is being always changed. When it came to Boeing’s “structure” the company

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