Case Study : Bombardier Inc.

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Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Problem and Incident 3. Discussion 3.1 Problem Statement 3.2 improvement of lean in problem 3.3 solution 4. Conclusion ABSTRACT 1. Introduction Bombardier inc. is a world-leading manufacture of innovative transportation solutions, ranging from regional aircraft and business jets to rail transportation systems and solutions. The company is a global corporation headquartered in Montreal 29 January 1942, Canada, with total revenues of about $14.7 billion. The major shareholders are members of the bombardier family. Bombardier sells its products on all five continents, with a high concentration in Europe and North America. More than 94%…show more content…
There are many factors that cause delay in delivery such as re-work, waste, quality failure, etc. Recent incident that affected the company due to delay in delivery was with TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). The company states that the main problem that caused delay is due to the plan in Mexico and it could not manufacture quality parts which later affected the assembling in the other plant of the company in Thunder Bay. Mr. Williams the bombardier company’s plant in Thunder Bay stated that “we are ramping up production right now.” (kuitenbrouwel, 05 jan 2015) And the other members of the team like uniform spokesman Andy Suavely stated that the parts are not arriving from the Mexico plant so they have to send the entire workers home due to no work even though they are already late in delivery. They have also stated that they have received many low quality parts due to which they were not able to assemble and had to send them back for re-work which took a lot of time. The main problem that causes the delay is due to the supplier’s in Mexico. There are many reasons that the root of the problem is due to lack of skilled workers in the plan. As the most important factor is been

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