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CASE STUDY Bombardier Aerospace: The CSeries Dilemma Propaedeutics in Strategy 70-450-12A FOROUGH ENSANDOUST MARTICULE 11142559 1. Current Performance As of September 30, 2012, the total number of 138 units of CSeries100 and CSeries300 commercial jets are ordered, while it now expects the first delayed delivery before the end of next June, a delay that had been anticipated due to high performance milestones set by company .According to Pierre Beaudoin CEO ,company requires more time to meet certain CSeries program targets but others had been met and the company and its suppliers have "now fully harmonized all commitments to the program's schedule." 2. Current Strategy Since July 2004, Bombardier is working on new family of…show more content…
According to Stakeholder mapping9next page) the highest impact is reserved for Government and investors because of the importance of financial and legal-political support in this industry, while industry partnerships and suppliers play the next important rule by contribution in technological and manufacture aspect. STAKEHOLDER MAPPING HIGH HIGH POWER Government Shareholders Investors Suppliers Employees LOW LOW Communities LOW Non-Government Organizations LOW INTERESTS HIGH Academia Industry Partnerships HIGH STRATEGIC ISSUES 1-Bombardier is mostly famous for business-military 2- High dependence on financial stability of airlines can aircraft while CSeries are commercials in competition be a problem.IT was the main reason of stopping the with giants like Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. This makes project at 2006 due to failing to secure significant airlines more cautious in ordering CSeries, because they orders to that point question Bombardier’s technology and experience in commercials 3-The

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