Case Study : ' Bored ' A Smartphone Application

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The SWOT presented is about a personal work: ‘Bored’, a smartphone application. The idea emerged during a conversation between childhood friends: Elliott, Yohan, Kim and myself. The application’s fundamental objective is to allow people to go to events, such as cinemas or gigs, but not alone. An application based on friendship and not about dating.

Strengths - Opportunities

The team is certainly small, but it will be to our advantage: we can readjust quickly. This strength will optimise one of our opportunities: releasing upgrades and providing new content. Indeed, we will be able to move, react and morph dynamically due to the efficient and united team.

That same opportunity will be reinforced by our age range. The company members are between 20 years old and 25 years old: an appropriate age range to be active and aware of the new trends happening. We know what is ‘going on’ around us.

Strengths - Threats

An other strength to bare in mind is the cost of the application: free. This attractive costless characteristic is advantageous by reducing a substantial risk: not having enough users. Something ‘free’ attracts people, and people attract people. Undoubtedly, the success of the business will highly depends on it active user numbers. The more the app is used, the better it will work.

On the other hand most of the apps on smartphones stores are free. Indeed, Flurry (2013) estimated that in 2013, 90% of the apps were free in the Apple Store, and this…
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