Case Study : Boss, We 've Got A Problem Essay

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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The case study on “Boss, We’ve Got a Problem” presents a lot of ethical and moral situations, which need careful and analytical examination. The Summit village is faced with a huge problem, being that one of their best and most decorated and well-known people have been accused of child molestation. This comes as a shock to the people in authority and when it’s made public, most people a shocked because of the benevolence of the person being accused. Ethical problems are complicated! Much of Coopers point is that ethics are not simple, and one often needs to think about how to balance the myriad ethical obligations one has. I believe that the Summit village was wrong in the first sense, to give so much position and power to one individual is bad and to assume that, because the person is from the town and well- known means that he or she has a good character. But the main problem in this text is Upton a well-known, devoted, small town “prince” being accused of child molestation and community finding it difficult to come to grips with it and how the whole issue is handled by the authorities of the town. The irony here is that, the head of the Child Protective Services, Charlie Upton is was pedophile (he liked and preyed upon little boys as the case study presents). There is no instance, in the case study that states, Charlie had a background check for having all the positions he held in the community. DEFINING THE ETHICAL ISSUE(S) Ethical issues

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