Case Study : Box, Inc.

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Darryn Sydnor 13-Aug-2015 Case Study: Box, Inc. Preserving Start-Up Culture in a Rapidly Growing Company Introduction: Box, Inc., the enterprise storage and collaboration company, was founded in Silicon Valley in 2005 by two college friends, Aaron Levie (CEO) and Dylan Smith who both were 19 and 20 respectively at the time. Box is facing unprecedented growth, which includes over 1000 employees and additional site location for its offices. Ten years from conception, Box has become one of the fasting growing software companies in the area. One vital aspect of Box is it’s unique corporate culture with its theme “where people are anti-hierarchical, inclusive of youth and experience, speedy, and where they had fun and embodied operational excellence”. The founders have installed much of the culture values from themselves as it reflects their value sand styles. With the increase in offices and employees, Levie was much aware that a new challenges will be presented that will test their corporate culture. How you choose to create and maintain your culture and treat the people you hire impacts employee engagement, retention, and ultimately the product you develop. At Box, the co-founders knew that had an amazing product. They knew success requires an amazing product, but it also depends on the people making the product. Employees need to feel inspired by the company mission and values, because raw talent is meaningless without
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