Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend

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Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend

March 2006 – Larry Miller, President of The Jordan Brand, finally had a few moments to relax. He sat in his office in the Jerry Rice Building at the Nike World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon, taking in the late afternoon sun. The latest advertising campaign was a success and sales were at an all-time high. But Miller knew that now was the time to plan for tomorrow’s success. He turned to the briefs on his desk, which contained various recommendations about how to improve the Jordan Brand’s collection of athlete endorsers. Four potential endorsers in particular stood out, each representing a new strategic direction for the brand to take. Miller needed to decide which, if any, of
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In 1996, he appeared in a movie called Space Jam, in which he received top billing along with cartoon character Bugs Bunny. He again proved to be a trendsetter as athletes began to appear more often in feature films and endorse more products unrelated to sports. Certain people within Nike, among them Howard White and Tinker Hatfield, believed very early on that Jordan could be much more than an athlete who endorsed shoes. As early as 1988, there were plans to start a brand around Michael’s unique personality and wide appeal (see Appendix X).

Michael Jordan Achieves Immortality

Between 1991 and 1998, Jordan won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and an Olympic Gold medal for the U.S. Basketball team. Having also earned five MVP awards and ten NBA scoring titles, he became one of the most decorated athletes of all time. After winning three consecutive NBA championships concluding with the 1992-93 season, Jordan retired from basketball in order to compete as a professional baseball player. After a short and mediocre baseball career, he returned to play for the Chicago Bulls in 1995. Every bit as much the leader and competitor he had been before, Jordan won another three consecutive NBA championships before retiring once again after the 1997-98 season.

Jordan also accumulated many famous moments such as game winning shots and extraordinarily athletic plays that helped to define his

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